Lights, camera, take ACTION!

The future of the Greater bilby is at stake, and your urgent help is needed to answer three critical questions. Where bilbies are persisting in the wild, where they aren’t, and why.

Right now, we’re largely in the dark, but that’s starting to change. That’s because incredible people like you helped buy and install 100 specialist wildlife cameras. They’re now giving us eyes on 1,200 km2 in far-western Queensland.

It’s a great start, but bilbies are estimated to be found over an area of around 60,000km2, so we’re seeing no more than 2% of the whole picture. We urgently need to expand into areas with different characteristics ­– for example, land where there’s grazing and predators and land where there are none.

Please will you help buy and install 70 new specialist wildlife cameras that will double the area we’re monitoring?

You’ll help us observe and understand the density of predators and their impact on wild bilbies, as well as environmental factors. We need to understand what is affecting wild bilby populations, and fast.

That’s because in the future we may need to increase genetic diversity in the wild, and it’s vital they have the best possible chance of making it on their own.

Our goal is to raise $152,000 before 30 June. Our first cameras are already sending us surprising results. We need to expand into new areas without delay so we have a valid comparison across a bigger sample.

A tax-effective gift could play a vital role in helping us understand the bigger picture, and take the next step forward to secure the future of the Greater Bilby.

Your gift could:

  • Help buy the support kit to get a camera up and running, including 12AA battery packs, image software and 512GB memory cards to store the images.
  • Go towards buying one of the new specialised wildlife cameras, helping to double our monitoring area.
  • Help send our team of scientists out into far-western Queensland to install and maintain the new outdoor cameras.

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