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The National Recovery Plan

In March 2015, Save the Bilby Fund initiated the Greater Bilby Recovery Summit. It brought together 39 experts who represented 29 stakeholder groups involved in bilby conservation.

The Save the Bilby Fund CEO, Kevin Bradley is chair of the National Recovery team and the stakeholders are from all over Australia, Members include indigenous ranger groups, big charities like wildlife conservation society and bush heritage plus wildlife parks that assist with the breeding program.

The Fund is committed to delivering on the Greater Bilby Recovery Summit 2015 Report and Interim Conservation Plan and is working with all stakeholders to develop a new National Recovery Plan for the Greater Bilby based on the outcomes of the Summit.

The three month public consultation period for the DRAFT Recovery Plan for the Greater Bilby closed on 12 July 2019.

Bilby breeding facility & creche

To save the bilby we need to maintain essential genetic diversity and continue to build up their numbers in safe and secure locations. This will provide insurance against the possibility of extinction in the wild and enable the re-introduction of bilbies into specially managed areas.

Without large numbers of safe and secure populations of bilbies, we are destined to lose the battle to save them.

The good news is that bilbies are a fast breeding animal and are superbly adapted to survival in our harsh outback. So their odds of recovery are exceedingly good, if only we give them that chance.

From the generous donations of the previous appeals, Save the Bilby Fund will be able to further upgrade our bilby captive breeding facilities, build new crèche-ing pens, and provide an environment that trains the biulbies for release.

Bilby release & tracking

Now that we have the breeding facility, we can add to the captive bilbies that are being transported from wildlife parks around Australia to Currawinya to be released behind the predator proof fence.

Manage the Metapopulation

Coming soon.

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