A chat with Cass – Bilby Research Scientist

I love getting a front row seat to see bilbies in action through my work – and I’ve come to truly appreciate just how special these Aussie battlers are.

I’m delighted to report that the 36 bilbies Save The Bilby Fund released into Currawinya National Park almost three years ago have now grown into an estimated 400+ bilbies within this area. And incredibly, bilbies have now also been sighted outside of the fence!

But the job of providing a safe environment for the bilbies outside the fence is now a whole lot bigger for our tiny team. The scale of our work at the park has now grown from 30 to over 300 square kilometres.

So now is a crucial time to gear up for the bilbies.

It has been amazing to see our insurance population of bilbies get to where they are today. But we need to do more.

Will you please help with a donation today to fund the purchase of the vital equipment needed to make the ‘next steps’ possible in the fight to save the bilby?