Dig Deep 4 the Bilbies: What a day!



Thank you for digging deep and shovelling out so much love for the bilbies!

Look how much you and our incredible community of bilby lovers helped raised on our Giving Day:

Initial Goal: $150,000
Bonus Goal: $200,000
Final Tally: $235,446


What an incredible result!

Saving the bilby is within reach. But we still have a way to go to ensure our bilby doesn’t go down the heartbreaking path to extinction. Hundreds of native Australian species have already been lost forever for our future generations.

Don’t let us lose the bilby too.

We are working with the entire bilby community towards our goal of having 10,000 bilbies across Australia, as an insurance population to last another hundred years (at least!).

But as the cost of living continues to increase, we’re struggling to cover our bilby saving costs.

When you dig deep and shovel in your support, you’ll help cover bilby saving costs like these:

⛏ Bilby feed – Keep food on the bilby’s plate! Believe it or not, the price of mealworms, kibble and seeds for bilbies has increased by 30% in the last year.

⛏ Insurance – It may not be glamorous, but it is essential. Insurance costs are up 135% on last year.

⛏ Essential land management and protection from feral threats – It’s extremely important to keep our predator exclusion fences strong so our bilbies are safe from harm.

⛏ Utility bills – We need help just keeping the lights on for my dedicated team members monitoring and protecting bilbies at Currawinya.

⛏ Running costs for our vehicles – We now have three cars instead of two! And all the running costs are going up! You name it… fuel prices, insurance, rego and maintenance costs are all soaring.

Now is the time for bilby lovers like you to shovel out generosity and build a future for our Aussie diggers.

👉 DONATE NOW to make your gift go even further to save the bilbies: https://save-the-bilby-fund.giveeasy.org/2024-dig-deep-4-the-bilbies?custom_source=STBF&custom_segment=website

👉 Spread the word so we can get as many people as possible to dig deep for our bilbies.