It’s time. We need to get our boots on and gear up!

💕 We’re so proud of what we have already achieved together, but the scale of our work is growing very rapidly.
When we gained approval from the Qld Government to significantly expand the area where we work at Currawinya from 30 to over 300 square kilometres, it was a huge leap forward for the bilbies.
But with over a ten-fold increase in our protection zone, there’s no denying the urgent need to take our bilby saving work to the next level.
We need to raise $165,000 as soon as possible to ensure we have enough funding to pay for the crucial equipment needed to scale up our vital work.
With your support, our tiny team have been able to make significant steps to support the National Recovery Plan for the Greater Bilby.
As you know, we’ve managed, from very humble beginnings, to make ends meet on a shoestring budget.
But like any job, having the right tools makes all the difference — especially when it comes to working in extremely remote locations.
Please will you help with a gift today, to fund the specialised gear we need to get out in the field and help ensure our bilby populations thrive once more.